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Access Company Credit Cards

Whether you’re a new business owner or have been cultivating your small business for several years, you may wonder if you need a company credit card. The truth is, yes, you do! You’d be surprised at how much more your business can expand once you have obtained additional funds. 

Until you’ve built your business credit, you’re restricted by your personal credit. Fortunately, CreditBiz is here to change that. Our step-by-step system and cutting-edge finance suite platform will help you get the capital your business needs.

The Benefits of High-Limit Company Credit Cards

We suggest that you secure a high-limit company credit card for your business’s financial needs. But why a high-limit one? Let us share just a few of the benefits this type of credit card offers.

  • Business credit limits are often much higher than personal credit limits. This means you can access even more funds as your business grows and needs them.
  • Unlike most of your other financing options, business credit cards don’t require collateral.
  • A higher limit will help increase your business credit further, resulting in an even higher credit limit. As this cycle continues, you’ll always have the money to support your business.
  • High-limit company credit cards offer exclusive rewards, such as cashback and bonus airline miles.

How to Get a Company Card

With incredible benefits like the ones we just listed, it’s no wonder if you’re interested in learning how to get access to a company credit card. When you work with CreditBiz and our finance suite platform, it’s easy to get started.

  1. Set your business up in our suite. We’ll walk you through all the steps necessary to meet lender criteria.
  2. Access vendors that provide you with credit that gets reported.
  3. Monitor your business credit reports.
  4. Get access to and approved for high-limit company credit cards.

Why Should You Trust CreditBiz?

The business advising and finance team at CreditBiz is here to help you grow your business to its full potential. We’ve designed our business credit solutions with small business owners like you in mind so you can secure the capital you need to expand. By partnering with us, you’ll have access to company credit cards in no time. 

CreditBiz understands that credibility is important when it comes to business financing. We invite you to browse our funding case studies to see the real results we’ve provided other business owners.

Get the Financing You Need to Grow Your Business

Don’t get stuck relying on personal credit and savings or borrowing from loved ones. Instead, get the legitimate financing your business needs with the help of CreditBiz. With our expert guidance and state-of-the-art finance suite platform, you’ll have access to company credit cards and more. 

Contact the CreditBiz team today for additional information on how you can secure business credit with our support.